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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Then there's the double-edged sword/Catch 22 of it all; money. X3 did well commercially-hell, it outperformed "Superman Returns" despite not getting 1/10 as much press-but got bad reviews & poor fan response. Same holds true for Spider-Man 3, which outsold its vastly more well-received predecessor. Now while I am thoroughly convinced we would have gotten a better movie had they not forced Venom in, it probably wouldn't have sold as much, since Venom was the movie's big draw. Hence, he was simultaneously the key to the movie's commercial success and its ultimate downfall-if not the downfall of the series. Sony made money but at the expense of droves & droves of pissed-off fans. So it's possible that we'd be seeing this reboot plan either way.

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