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Default Re: James Buchanan Barnes aka The Winter Solider

have bucky only wear his costume in publicity shots with cap hen when he is changing he can comment in how silly the idea is and he feels like cap's sidekck, then cap can be all like " we are all partners , I'm no more a solder than you" or some ****

bucky should be like 2-3 years younger And be a tough mother****er like a 17 year old that can **** up some guards and then gets training. cap should be 18-19 but look 20+ due to the super soldier stuff.

I'm all for winter soldier I cap 3

I say 3 because cap part 1 all be ww2
avenger will be an ensemble piece Nd deal with cap In present day
cap 2 needs to fully thrust cap into the world with a new villan and maybe Sharon Carter

then we return with ww2 flashbacks and bring winter soldier in

and he must be a super ****ing killing machine

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