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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

1. establish the character
2. improve and evolve the character
3. tie up loose ends (because the actors are probably on a 3 picture deal)

basically with the 3rd movie you are trying to go out with a bang instead of simply trying to continue a theme, the pace and content of the movie is changing because you are trying t include more.

take blade, what made the blade movie so good was lots and lots of shots of blade kicking vampire arse, so instead of giving the audience THAT (which is sure as heck the only eason I want to watch a blade movie) you are introducing a characters I don't give a **** about, dilluting the time blade is on screen (which was the only bits worth watching).

or spider-man, one bad guy one hero, both get developed in 3 TOO many villians one of whom (venom) I absolute HATE. so whilst SM3 could have been a lot worse it could soooo easily have been so much better if sony hadn't stuck their nose in.

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