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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Batman Forever also-for the most part-functions independently of its predecessors. There ARE no loose ends to tie up & with Schumacher having such a drastically different take on the characters than Burton did, it wasn't bogged down the way the Marvel 3rd acts have been. Sadly, he then helmed a 4th installment that took everything he'd done right and ran it into the ground, took everything he'd done wrong & magnified it, and brought on such campiness and cheese the likes of which had not been seen in almost 30 years. THIS played a bigger role in engendering both the reboot hysteria and the 3rd act curse than anything else. Between the dreadful "Superman IV" and the relentlessly goofy "Batman & Robin", audiences had gotten a taste of the 4th act curse and developed a fear of it. So what do we say? Don't go past 3. Wrap it up. DO NOT make a 4th movie, ever. Subsequently bringing about the 3rd act curse. Add to this the series was broken beyond redemption. So the only way to continue was to remove every trace of what Schumacher had done, bringing about the first ever, truly rebooted film franchise. It worked, and had the unfortunate side effect of making audiences-and now the studios-believe that this was the answer eny time anything went wrong with a film franchise. So thank you, Mr. Schumacher. You not only screwed Batman but every other superhero in the entire genre.

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