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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Part of the problem is that everyone involved with this type of film thinks in trilogies...

They realize that their story wont wrap up by the end of part 3, so they force the story into unnatural places and cram as many characters in as possible. Everyone has this "how do we top our previous success" mentality, so everything is tried all at once, when all the audience wanted was a natural continuation of the story.
Exactly. Kill off all the vampires! Bring in Dracula! Bring in Juggernaut & Phoenix, and eliminate the threat of Magneto once and for all! Hell, just for fun, why not throw Beast in there, too? Wrap up the Goblin Saga & let the star have his favorite villain! But don't forget to throw in that villain that you ahte but the fans have been begging for! Who cares if he doesn't fit? MAKE HIM FIT!

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