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Default Re: James Buchanan Barnes aka The Winter Solider

I think they should do what Captain America: White did.
Have Bucky Barnes be too young to join the army like the original story, but have him be like 17 or 16. Then have him become Cap's partner. (maybe make that part more like the Ultimate version, he is Cap's best friend. Not sidekick.)
The film can show that he was there, and was able to help Cap from time to time, but his part could be more of a cameo in the movie. Shown briefly but not major.
I am just sort of thinking aloud.
OK, so in the movie Steve becomes Captain America. We first meet Steve, skinny and ockward. He becomes Cap, is trained, and costumed, and becomes Captain America. He joins the troops and is still and outsider. He is befriended by the company sidekick Bucky Barnes (a Jimmy Olsen type role perhaps from Superman Returns). Bucky goes with him on a few missions and sort of becomes his partner (costume or not?).
Then Bucky and Steve go on one final mission, Steve is lost and Bucky is presumed to die.
Steve wakes in the present, and we don't know where Bucky is.

(bucky's character can be a small role, and expanded in the Avengers movie when Steve has flashes about his past and about Bucky's death. Then maybe a Winter Soldier film later.
And maybe even an All Winner's Squad movie with Namor, Cap, android Human Torch, and Bucky.)

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Captain America: White?

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