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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

Originally Posted by Deaths Head II View Post
I think S3 is the most lambasted at the moment because it was the most recent one. The continuity that Batman Forever is a part of isn't the continuity of the current films, so that also has the advantage of people being able to look back on it in a softer light because now they have an alternative/don't have to deal with the series continuing after that film. People will probably ease up on S3 after the reboot or if Batman 3 turns out to be a big disappointment.
I agree with you in one regard & disagree in another. I do think the freshness of it is a factor, but there are others as well. "Blade Trinity" didn't get nearly as much flak when it first came out, nor did "X3". The fans didn't cry foul nearly as bad and the studios didn't just give up altogether. Blade still got a halfway decent TV series & X-Men went into prequels. In the case of Blade, I think it had to do with him not being considered part of the mainstream of comics, & I think a lot of people's "X-pectations" lowered after Singer backed out. Again, with Spider-Man we had the same director who had pleased (most of) us twice before, as well as the most highly anticipated villain of the series. But that villain proved to be a square peg that didn't fit into the round hole, & the compromises made so that he could be shoehorned in were not met with enthusiastic response from fans.

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