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Default Re: I Still Do Not See A Namor Movie Out There

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
I think we'll be seeing Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist & maybe Cage after the Avengers movie. Fiege has been talking about the first three characters alot. Plus, I've been seeing Iron Fist's name specifically in alot of reports mentioning Disney wants to focus on B/C-Listers.
I would hope that we get at least two of those movies you mentioned. Sure, I'd want to see all of them, but I want to keep my expectations in check. I think Iron Fist and either Luke Cage or BP gets made. I'm confident that BP will get made eventually because of a racial demographic they may want to tap into, and the prestige of being the first black superhero. I think Iron Fist has a good chance of getting made based on the kung-fu nature of the hero, plus the potential epic of seeing Kun Lun. Luke Cage may get made, depending on how well an Iron Fist does. Realistically though, I think we're 5 years away from seeing these in the least. I think these happen after the Avengers aftermath, and when i say aftermath, I'm thinking after the Avengers sequels as well.

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