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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Water Bug

Real Name: Cameron Relot

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Very Dark Blue

Race: American

Power:Can talk to fish and other sea creatures. He also has a very high hydrokinesis. He can also swim very fast. Once he becomes almost a master of these abilities, he can shape shift into a sea creature of some sort, but it will take a long time for him to learn.
Orgin Of Power:When he is in his ability mode, his eyes shock up, creating a glowing spark around them. And when he is really mad his whole body goes into the shock.

Bio:He lived a sad and lonely life, do to the fact he never let his family know his special abilities. Finally when he was 12, he faced it head on, and told his family. His mother was shocked, his dad, he was proud, but his grandmother that he also stayed with was mad. Horribly mad. The reason is because her husband had a special ability, but he used it for evil. And now that he had one, she thought he would turn the same, and become a villain, cause destruction, and never spend time with his family. She eventually told him, and he corrected her. Then when he was about 15, almost 16, the X-Men Origin came to get him. He is 24 now, and can use his abilities for many things. His goal is to master his ability, and obtain JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!:

He wears a oceanic like uniform, with a shark as the symbol to represent his sea abilities. His clothing color is mostly light blue, black, and dark blue. (Like his hair.)
Teacher: The Professor

Height: 6'0


Muscular, but not to bulky. He likes to train and get exercise by racing dolphins in the ocean.

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