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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Batalia

Real Name: Kayla Weventel

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Purple with Black Streaks

Race: Italian

Power:A vampiric power of some sort. She doesn't feed on blood, yet does love the taste of victory. She can't shape shift, yet she speak to other bats. She loves dark and cold places. She is a member of the X-Team, but doesn't like them. She only joined because she had no where else to go. She can fly, and read peoples thoughts.

Bio: Her parents died at the age 6, and was taken in by her grand mother and grand father. They died at the age 13, then she moved to the city of the X-Team. She didn't know about them until she got a call of Jean Grey. She lived in an apartment. For free though, just because she was so young. Then she told them to come get her. She explained her power and right away The Professor came. She didn't speak much, and still until this day, hates storm. (Because they resemble a lot!) She has obtained her skill until a master, and is now the age of 27.

She wears a technology like uniform, with armor on it. It is the colors of light and dark purple, and usually keeps her pet bad around her at all times. She carries a shield, and a hand knife.

Teacher: Storm (regretingly)

Height: 5'6


Slim, and powerful. She is fast, and very smart. She trains and excersizes by flying and meditating.

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