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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Road Warrior View Post
They say that people can't relate to Superman. Well...let's go back to 1938 and Action Comics #1. We see him stop a corrupt Senator, save the life of a person on death row who was wrongfully convicted, defend a wife from her physically abusive husband, and prevent a kidnapped Lois Lane from possibly being raped. This is how Superman was introduced to us. He wasn't fighting aliens, monsters, and robots. He was simply a dude with superpowers who stood for truth, justice, and the American way. Maybe...that's the Superman they should adapt.
I'm a big advocate of Superman having a strong social conscience and fighting against social injustices, and I believe it can be done alongside the later elements as well. Certainly a corporate Luthor vs a populist Superman is a very natural conflict.

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