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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

well i am sure they could use traits and ideals from the early days. But the film shouldnt just be about simple criminals, crooked senators, or wife beaters. Cause folks will want to see more stuff in a film about a character that is SUPERMAN. We should have bigger problems and threats that could be from folks like doomsday/darkseid/mogul/etc.... But then have those social theats/problems be an issue shown and probably could be the focus of articles lois and clark could be writting about. I said it before myself. I would like them to look at the character of superman as a whole. Not base this next movie/series on one take of the character like singer did with donner's superman. But take the best traits/elements from the best times of the character pre and post crisis and make new characters out of those traits with an all original story behind them.

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