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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

That is also UN-SUPERMAN. Anyways, i hate the way the character is treated today.

What i don`t like about the above scene you posted is that Superman is invoking fear into someone on purpose and that is not SUPERMAN. He is crossing the line a little bit too much. Both are wrong interpretations of the character, IMO. I believe this movie needs to foccus on the fun and good qualities of the character and not his badass ones. Frank Miller treats Superman like a wuss but Jurgens never did that in the 90`s.

I wouldn`t mind seeing Superman angry, though, like the pic you posted of him fighting Mongul. I want to see that too. That`s one of the reasons i want Superman to fight Braniac robots in the next movie. This way he can unleash his powers with no problem of getting someone hurt. O even do a scene like in Terminator 2 that he fights the army or the police, just disarming them and scaring them away without people getting hurt.

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