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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post
That is also UN-SUPERMAN. Anyways, i hate the way the character is treated today.

What i don`t like about the above scene you posted is that Superman is invoking fear into someone on purpose and that is not SUPERMAN. He is crossing the line a little bit too much. Both are wrong interpretations of the character, IMO. I believe this movie needs to foccus on the fun and good qualities of the character and not his badass ones. Frank Miller treats Superman like a wuss but Jurgens never did that in the 90`s.

I wouldn`t mind seeing Superman angry, though, like the pic you posted of him fighting Mongul. I want to see that too. That`s one of the reasons i want Superman to fight Braniac robots in the next movie. This way he can unleash his powers with no problem of getting someone hurt. O even do a scene like in Terminator 2 that he fights the army or the police, just disarming them and scaring them away without people getting hurt.
Well I'll admit that the early scene with the gun is pretty extreme, but I do support Superman being anti-establishment and having a strong social conscience. Him being so establishment instantly puts many people off. And I did like the warrior aspect that Jurgens brought to him even though he was stuck with the farmboy Jethro boyscout crap.

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