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Default The JJ Abrams Superman script

Just read the second draft of the JJ Abrams script. There´s a lot that I like about it. I kinda dig the Star Wars-like scenario, even though it may bother the more purist fans. A lot fo the stuff with Clark manifesting his powers as a kid is charming and fun and funny, even though there´s a little too much of it.There´s great banter between Lois and Clark, love the final battle, the fight with the Rouser.

My main problem, however is in many ways this is as much a Donner remake as SR, if not more. It kinda reads like Superman ! meets Superman 2, it has a lot of the same bits from both movies, even though written with some tweaks and twists. While the script took off the main thing that annoyed fans, Luthor as a Kryptonian, it still implied there was a chance we´d see him with super powers in a sequel. I was actually more excited by the ending than by the script itself, the prospect of Superman going to Krypton to save his home planet, that was fresher than anything else about it.

I also thought, was it necessary to make Clark the laughingstock of the school to protect his secret. I know he pretends to be a mild-mannered, sometimes even bumbling reporter, but he´s a grown man, he knows what he´s doing, for a kid all the humiliation seems unnecessarily cruel.

This is a well-executed script for what it intends to be, but is this how I feel Superman should have been rebooted? No, not really. I know Superman Returns wasn´t the movie that resurrected Supes as a pop culture icon, but I don´t this would have been the one either. I keep insisting that we need something more different, and that there´s nothing wrong with starting with an established Superman, even if you do some digging into his past during the movie.


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