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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

I´m not at liberty to divulge how I got it, but I remember right after the Moriarty review on AICN, based on the 1st draft that more or less killed the project, Harry did talk about the 2nd draft and how it improved things that weren´t working on the 1st. This draft doesn´t have Lex as a Kryptonian, even though it implies that he may have gotten super powers from a mental contact to Ty-Zor, who´s a cousin of Kal-El and the main villain of the script. It still has the stuff where Krypton is at war and doesn´t explode completely, the prophecy thing and the Superman death scene with a sort of new ageish solution that also rubbed Moriarty - and myself - the wrong way. It follows a lot of bits from the first two Supes movies, even takes about an hour to show him in action in costume, after a brief appearance in the beginning.


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