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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

I'm more interested in knowing how did they solve the Kryptonian Lex stuff... the LR script review stated that basically Lex was a failed salesman that somehow gets in contact with some fallen Kryptonian ship which allows him to be from a nobody to the founder of Lexcorp in almost no time... is this the case? And in this case... is he somehow still connected in any form to Krypton? I don't actually mind the idea of chunks of Krypton surviving (Kandor has been done in the comics anyway)... but does this prophecy thing still survive there? This is highly interesting, btw... you're possibly the only person on superhero boards that actually has read this thing... the 1st draft is out there... there is someone that gave a detailed review on the Schwartz rewrite... but from this 2nd draft (which was the possible Ratner shooting script) the info is very lacking...

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