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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Originally Posted by Nuffsaid View Post
How did TDK's Batsuit follow the same formula ? It was completely redesigned compared to the previous Batsuits.
Armoured suit, completely black, cape that turns into a glider, gauntlets.

That wasn't seen in comics untill B89.

And there's more than one feature in the BB's bat-suit that reminds the Schumacher bat-nonar suit.

And TDK was the same but busier and oh, yes, leaving some spandex between the black armoured plates.

Now, it's not like Nolan just copied the previous suits. He made variations of them just as Burton did it varying the B89 suit and then Schumacher did with Burton's bat-suits.

Completely re-design would have used the comic book colors and another idea than the black armoured suit.

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