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From Collider:
Director Breck Eisner Exclusive Interview THE CRAZIES - Plus an Update on FLASH GORDON
Originally Posted by Matt Currie
I have to ask you about your upcoming projects, particularly Flash Gordon. Can you tell us anything about where thatís at?

Eisner: Flash Gordon is a project Iíve been pursuing for years. Itís a true passion of mine. Sci-fi is a real passion of mine. And I finally got it set up at Sony and we hired the two writers, [Matt] Sazama and [Burk] Sharpless. Iíve been breaking story with them since I finished post on The Crazies, for the last two months or so. We finished that process; weíre now putting pen to paper, or keys to keyboard, and writing the script. We should have that in a month or two. And I think we have an awesome story. Itís not in any way connected to the camp of the í80ís and itís not connected to the serials of the í50ís. Itís very much looking back to the original Alex Raymond strips; itís imagining that Alex Raymond were to draw the strips today instead of in the í30ís and í40s and what would they be? Itíll be action and adventure; itíll be aggressive and dynamic and intense with a really strong lead character who goes on an interesting personal journey over the course of the movie.

Have you thought about casting at all yet?

Eisner: Iíve definitely thought about casting, but thereís been no discussion yet about the casting with the studio. Itís still a long process to go in getting them to like the script and to want to commit a lot of money to making a movie. Itís going to be a long process before it sees the screen, but hopefully, weíre on the way.

And is this going to be in 3D?

Eisner: Yes, this will definitely be a 3D movie. Like I said, when itís the right kind of movie, you want to use the right kind of technology, so we intend to shoot it for 3D.

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