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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Wow. So much to respond to.
I agree that the X-Men do and always would look better in a team uniform than in the random rainbow garb that tends to populate the comic book pages. I've said this before, but with the exception of Storm, Wolverine and occasionally Archangel, there's no individual themes for them to display. Many of their comic book suits-Jean & Gambit particularly come to mind-are very generic in their design. The X-Men aren't the Avengers or the JLA-a bunch of solo heroes who band together in an emergency & then go back to defending their separate cities. They are a true team-nay, a FAMILY. And while i do like the uniforms they had in the movie, I'm now open to the possibility that there was a third option that may have been overlooked.
On "The Matrix"-I see no signs of its influence on any superhero project except MAYBE for "Smallville"'s JLA. Plus, Burton's Batman came first.
Batman's NOT a colorful superhero, this is true. I hate that so many attempts have been made to turn him into one. And while I would hate to see something that reminded me of the Adam West days or the numerous fanfilms I've come across, the TDK suit is far from prefect. Again, maybe there were other possibilities that were simply overlooked.
I guess my biggest concern is how this "realism" mentality could infect other projects. Look at the "Ultimate" books-it's like the superhero costume-apart from Spidey-is just a dead concept. If you go to the Captain America costume thread, there are so many horrendous proposals, most of which are steeped in the argument of whether or not someone would wear that in a war zone in real life. They wouldn't. But so what? NObody would wear a pointy-eared cowl to fight drug dealers either.
I want costumes that LOOK good as well as costumes that are functional. But I don't want them to sacrifice one for the other.

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