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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Originally Posted by JAK® View Post
That manip is supposed to show a fabric-based Batman costume with armour underneath the costume, which is what he does have in the comics.
The problem is that the manip shows the armour on the outside in spite of what it was supposed to show. It looks like another Burton bat-suit variation just in grey (which doesn't look bad at all btw).

Originally Posted by JAK® View Post
True, Tim Burton may have popularised the armoured Batman costume (even though Frank Miller had Batman with armour underneath in The Dark Knight Returns, in 1986) but it is part of the comics now.
That's my point when I said Burton improved the Batman suit forever. Now other direrctors and even the comics are using it and can't go back to what was previously traditional.

Now, wearing the armour under the suit and make the armour the suit itself are two different things.

Originally Posted by JAK® View Post
My philosophy is: as long as it is comic accurate, it doesn't matter how they rationalise it.
But in this case it was such an improvement that it became comic canon.

Originally Posted by JAK® View Post
Of course, there are certain characters where it would be impossible to adapt the costume without changing the tone of the movie.
I agree. It will always be a risk though to discern which characters are better to have a different suit and how different it should be.

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