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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

Originally Posted by Ultimate_Superman View Post
The third draft is the best one. It gives you the Superman movie everyone wanted to see some what. I mean it still read like a cross between Spider-Man and Iron Man but it gave you Lexcorp and Lex as a human as well as Krypton blowing up and other things. The third draft to me is much like Superman Returns TDC. Where in SR TDC that movie explained more and showed more emotion and gave a complete story. The same can be said for his third draft where it gave us the reboot most wanted. However I wanted a more serious type of story (cross between Superman Returns-The Dark Knight) then what he wrote.
Isn't that the one where they changed Jor-El to be the villain and Ty-Zor was Supes' half brother?

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Anything besides the Tumbler, in TDK, and I'll personally castrate myself on live web-cam!
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