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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
You're taking the default 'what works in comics doesn't work on film' position, and you tell people with the opposite view that if they want to see what they want they should look at cosplay and fan films to get our 'bright coloured spandex'?

I'm saying that if those things are the only possible result of comic accurate to you... then no wonder you don't think it would work.
Ah no, if you read my posts properly you would note I mentioned there is a middle ground in most cases that can be reached, so if anything that's the position I'm taking. And whether you like it or not that statement 'what works on the page doesn't always work on film' is true, I simply said it's probably easier for people to accept this up front because that's the nature of film. Again, one character at a time.
Originally Posted by The Question View Post
My feeling about costumes is that they should make sense on the context of the story. Most artists aren't that photorealistic, so in the comics I just tend to imagine that, in a live action version, costumes have design features/are made of materials that make sense but the artist has a hard time replicating. In the movies, that's not a luxury they have.
Bingo. Not only that, there are time constraints with comic books, things have to be done as quick as possible.

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