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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

Ok... finally read this one. My take on this:

Kata-Zor to Zod, Ty-Zor to Jax-Ur, all planet Krypton destroyed because of that kryptonian bomb thing except for Kandor, make the reason for the civil war a new one (possession of the Eradicator, created by Jor-El), add the FOS (make it the place to keep the Eradicator technology, sent with Kal-El to Earth), no dubitative Supes in the plane sequence, when Supes dies he's awakened through the Eradicator in the FOS which gives him Jor-El's prophecy speech as something pre-recorded...

Change that... and this is the BEST GODDAMN SUPERMAN SCRIPT EVER...

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