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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

That's actually a good one - good as in a good reason why it was bad.

Personally i think Bryan Singer didnt know what to do with the character because he couldnt relate to him. Bryan Singer stated that mutants face alot of similar situations that same sex sexuality faces... like the phobia, exceptance, coming out... you can see that he has used that as a guide to alot of the characters for example.

Iceman - coming out (as a mutant) to his parents
Wolverine - lost and confused as to who he was
Magneto - proud of what he is
Senitor Kelly - phobia and not really understanding mutants.

with Cyclops, and he's not the only character i noticed in the movie series you felt there was no social problem. They carried on as if they were just there and everything that was happening was happening around them but not happening too them.

I mean, he didnt want wolverine around in the x-mansion because he believed he would bring trouble. In x2 he was just carrying on as normal but became a puppet of stryker, however the outcome of that movie saw him lose the love of his life...and really wolverine was a factor of this, because wolverine went to that school, if you think about wolverine origins. Stryker could of been stopped, it could of not happend. and i mean cyclops could of been really made at wolverine for what he has brought to the school. then we get to x-men 3 and by then cyclops has just had enough... finds jean and dies. well so we believe...

again to me, alot could of been done with cyclops.

only x-men 1 was he really best utilised, but through x2 and 3, we really should of seen his leadership. You know it would of been better for storm to have been captured and turned into a puppet, but have cyclops losing control of the situation only to redeem himself. Then by x3 - yeah maybe start off with cyclops disappearance but bring him back at the end of the movie... thats something ive always felt was missing... Cyclops should of appeared at the end of the movie maybe on alcatraz and it was him that kills phoenix... but then we all know x-men was about hugh jackman and what was his character? oh thats right wolerine.

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