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Default Re: Has Batman hurt the genre where costumes are concerned?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
I fail to see how justifying why a hero wears what he/she does is hurting anything. But then you get to someone like Cap Am you go 'Why would someone get around fighting in WW2 wearing that?' or Wonder Woman and go 'Why would she wear a swimsuit and stilettos boots when she's from an ancient culture?'. It actually baffles me that Batman is being blamed here for really nothing more than rational thinking.

I don't recall anyone saying anything of the sort.
Because now movie makers are coming up with hairbrained ideas to explain the costume away.

Imagine this scenario.....

Red Skull leads his Nazi armies across Europe. Enemy forces flee from the sight of the Skull. Stories spread among the Allies that he can kill with a look. Morale is down. Allied high command are close to losing the war. Its decided that they need to combat this psychological warfare...but who are they gonna use.......Frail Steve Rogers walks into a recruiting office.

In my scenario I have explained the costume and the main enemy without coming up with a reason for the "silly costume"

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