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Default Re: James Buchanan Barnes aka The Winter Solider

It's hardly worth posting but I thought I may as well post this article from a couple of days ago.

From newsarama (

I know it’s early to be talking about casting rumors for the Captain America movie (although not too early — we’re going to have to start hearing things sometime soon if this movie is going to make its deadline), but Comic Book Movie has a post up that I certainly could see happening.

According to them, Lipstick Jungle’s Robert Buckley has been in the running either for Bucky Barnes or for Steve Rogers himself. (Although Comic Book Movie has amended their post, leaning more for Bucky than for the original Sentinel of Liberty himself.) Now, Buckley wasn’t on the list with the rest of the five “other” Caps — including John Krasinski from the Office — but already I could see the resemblance.

With the Avengers “Trinity” really holding up the franchise, we know we’ve got a winner in Robert Downey Jr., but if Thor and Cap don’t measure up to the high bar he set, the movie may very well be sunk.

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