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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

no in general the comics are not the movies and ther movies are not the comics but...

All mutant leaders have had conflicting ideology towards how they believe mutants should be in the world.

Xavier believed in a co-existant world where humans and mutants worked together. However Xaviers dream was lacking both human and mutants nature of fear and envy to which you will not rid each of either because its both two natural elements. Which is why Xaviers dream will never come true.

Magneto start into humanity he thought he was no more than human until his powers kicked in around the time he saw his parents get killed through predujice. But after few soul searching adventures he met Xavier and started to sway more towards Xaviers dream. But even magneto could find the flaws of envy and fear which proved to be his downful as he knew neither would be equel and thus the other would try to imprision the other. So Magneto is standing on the side of all mutants but over the years and meeting several different humans and mutants his ideas have changed so hes not that far from xaviers dream but he will not stand for the envy and fear.

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