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Default Re: CBR Interviews Matt Fraction

New Matt Fraction interview from Newsarama

My favorite part of the interview:

Fraction: Oh, sure, sure. Yes, to both cases. I have a big bee in my bonnet about letting Tony be Tony, the essential Stark-ness of it all. But no one should be able to do exactly what Tony does. No one can invent another Iron Man suit, just an imitations. Tony's the effing captain. That's my biggest thing.

And I did it in the comic, that's why I put the thing in his chest and blew up every other Iron Man suit, it didn't make sense for him to have a warehouse of them, and still say that he couldn't get them out to other people. And all these villains take them all the time, so it takes away from the specialness of Tony and Iron Man. He's not a pilot, he's THE pilot. That's the difference for me.
I agree with Matt, I could never stand it when anyone (like Osborn, some writers and some readers) though anyone could just put on the suit and be Iron Man. It was never that simple.

I'm glad he's doing it this way, I hate it when they try to take the uniqueness away from Tony.

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