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Default Which movie has the most Bat screen time?

Well, I've heard this same debate many of times, and quit frankly, I'm curious to see which movie has the most "Bat-time" compared to the other, so we can put this silly debate, that people use as ammo, to rest. Without further ado, the Nolan Vs Burton Bat-screen time:

Now, let me just explain how I did this, and the rules I applied, as one movie(*cough* TDK *cough*)was harder to record then the others. I simply recorded with a stopwatch that I have on my iphone. Anytime Batman had, or shared screen time, then I recorded it. An example would be when Batman and Lucius were talking about the sonar devices, and how it would cut between Lucius and Batman periodically, I kept the clock running, as Batman was apart of the scene, even though we saw more of Lucius. But, if for example(again, from TDK, which is why it was harder to record), we watched the ending Joker battle, and it would continuously go from Batman, to Joker, to Gordon, to Ferry1, to Ferry2, so on a so forth, within a few seconds, I started and stopped ONLY when Batman was on screen, or the person who was involved, was directly involved with Batman. Get it? I'm only recording when 'ol Batsy is on screen, or the person he is with, is involved DIRECTLY with him. I didn't record if Batman was controlling the Batmobile remotely, but I did record if we saw the outside of The Batmobile/Tumbler, while Batman was in it. Again, get it? Just talking about Batman screen time/presence in the movies.

Also, I would like to add, that I made a percentage of screen times. As we should know, most of the movies have a different running time, and it's only fair to add the total Bat-time, and then divide it with the running screentime, to get the percentage of how much Bat-percentage we have per movie. I say this is fair, because there could be a 4 hour long Batman movie, and it could only have 5 extra minutes to the others, but overall, the percentage of screen time would be MUCH lower. Get it? Got it. Good!

Batman '89: total running time of 126 minutes.

-(rooftop scene) 1:33
-(Axis) 3:12
-(Dinner/Batmobile drive to cave) 9:21
-(suit-up/staring at Joker in helicopter) 0:31
-(parade/batwing) 4:01
-(Church/Joker fight) 8:45
-(Ending scene on building) 0:08

Total:27:31 min/126= .216 or 22% of bat screen time

Batman Returns: Total running time of 126 minutes.

-(Batman to the rescue) 2:21
-(Patrolling Gotham in Batmobile) 0:46
-(Batman fights clown gang in streets) 1:42
-(Batman talks to Penguin) 1:31
-(Batman/Catwomen fight) 2:17
-(Suiting-up) 0:17
-(Investigating Ice-Princess) 4:39
-(Batmobile takeover) 3:35
-(Saving 1st born sons) 0:08
-(Infiltrating Penguin's lair) 3:33
-(Max Shrek/Catwomen fight) 3:48

Total:24:37/126= .193 or 19% of Bat screen time

Batman Begins: Total running time of 140 minutes.

-(Docks) 0:52
-(Monorail station/saving Rachel from thugs) 0:33
-(Perched on skyscraper) 0:15
-(Gordon's porch scene) 0:38
-(Flask interrogation scene) 0:47
-(Narrows/Apartment investigation) 3:01
-(Arkham) 4:16
-(Tumbler/Batcave scene) 6:07
-(Narrows feargas/destruction scene) 6:19
-(Ending rooftop scene) 1:26

Total: 24:14/140= .172 or 17% of Bat screen time

The Dark Knight: Total running time of 152 minutes.

-(Opening/BB-suit scene) 1:14
-(Bank vault) 0:36
-(Rooftop meeting) 0:50
-(Hong Kong) 2:15
-(Dinner Party) 1:17
-(Crime scene) 0:50
-(Gordon's porch) 0:04
-(Night club) 1:19
-(Thomas Shift scene) 0:46
-(Tumbler) 3:40
-(Joker interrogation) 3:31
-(Saving Dent from building) 0:45
-(Rubble/Hospital scenes) 0:14
-(Batman and Lucius scene) 1:08
-(Locating Joker/Building scene) 4:57
-(Two-face/ending) 4:10

Total: 27:36/152= .18 or 18% of Bat screen time

The Dark Knight Rises: Total running time of 164 minutes.

-(return to Gotham/Bat-pod) 2:19
-(helps Catwoman escape/The Bat/Batcave) 3:33
-(Searching the sewers/Bane vs Batman fight) 4:59
-(on ice with Gordon/saves Blake from LOS) 1:30
-(gives Catwoman the Bat-pod) 0:56
-(City Hall/Bane fight #2/flying away in The Bat) 7:56

Total: 21:13/164= 13% of Bat screen time.

Who's the king? B89!

Also, the reason why TDK was so hard to record, was because there were times where it would show Batman for about 3-4 seconds, and quickly go to another scene that didn't even involve Batman at all, and then go right back in an instant. I managed it, to the best of my abilities, and my knowledge of the film. Which, I think is pretty good for all of them. I think the hardest one after TDK, would be Returns, and BB and B89 were quit easy, if you ask me. Most of the screen times for those last two, were pretty easy to follow, and pretty direct when it ended. Maybe the reason why I like those the most out of the live action Bat-flicks? Anyways, I hope this helps, cause I keep hearing this debate over and over again, and I wanted to do a little Bat-mythbusters.

Edit: Oh yeah, this screen time had NOTHING to do with Bruce Wayne, or when Bruce was doing detective work. Just Batsy! When Bruce was working on The Batmobile in Returns, I didn't record, or when he was framing Penguin in the Bat-cave, I didn't record. ONLY when he was full frontal Batman.

Edit: update with the Schumacher films.

Batman Forever: Total running time of 122 minutes

-(Suit up) 1:16
-(Talking to Chase) 1:16
-(Two-Face fight) 4:55
-(The Batsignal is not a beeper) 2:31
-(Harvey getting scarred) 0:03
-(Batmobile chase) 2:20
-(Neon fight scene) 0:41
-(Nigma dinner fight/Two-Face trap) 2:46
-(Chase lookin hot) 1:24
-(Buttfloss/new suit) 1:18
-(He sank my battleship) 1:23
-(Holy rusted metal, Batman/end fight) 5:23
-(Running with Robin/the end) 0:20

Total: 25:36/122= 21% Bat screen time

Batman and Robin: Total running time 125 minutes

-(chicks love the car) 1:31
-(Museum/Freeze fight) 5:07
-(Auction/Bat-card) 2:23
-(chasing Freeze) 1:14
-(B&R investigate Freeze's lair) 3:19
-(Ivy's Lair) 0:47
-(Batskimobile thingy/saving Gotham) 5:46
-(All three running/the end) 0:11

Total: 20:18/125= 16% Bat screen time

When I was doing TDKR time, I noticed that I messed up with my original conversions on the times. So I went back, and used an actual time-calculator to make sure everything is right. Everything is updated. All of the percentages went up a tiny bit, but it was even throughout, now everything is just accurate. Sorry about that.

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