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Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
the sad thing is in the avengers movie hulk is oing to kick thor's arse, we all know it. why? because the plot will demand all the avengers work together to beat the hulk so thor beating hulk by himself would be a writer's dead end with no where for the movie to go except roll credits.

Hulk isn't going to be the main fact I believe much as was the case in the OG Avengers Hulk will wind up on the team

I think people will be shocked to see Thor go toe to toe with the Hulk, providing others enough time to devise a way to stop him.

Although I would love to see a Hammering uppercut or Temple shot KO the probably is gonna take a group effort.

100 chimps working in unison to create the next great American Novel... It was the best of times it..... it was the blurst of times??? You have to love Mr. Burns.
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