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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

IM is a fun popcorn flick, TDK is a movie that some peopel think is really smart, it's not really THAT smart, but it's a more intense movie with better performances.

RDJ's performance wasn't that good when you consider he was basically the same character he always is. The same character he was in Kiss Kiss, the same character he was in Only You 15 years ago.

Iron Man was great up to the halfway point, then fell off dramatically, Dark Knight started really strong, then, from like the truck chase scene on, was a steady climb to a ridiculous climax. Lots more symbollism and whatnot in TDK too.

I don't mind plot holes as long as they aren't glarring, to me that's not what makes a good movie, what makes a good movie is acting (TDK wins), and a strong story (TDK wins).

I actually liked Hulk equally as much as IM.

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