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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
I guess I could see that as a possible reason for not going with McPartlin, but it would seem rather foolish. Why eliminate a potential good casting because he might not be believable for 5% of the movie? Conversely, why limit the casting to candidates who physically wouldn't be able to pull off a convincing super soldier just so that they would be more believable as a weakling?
I'm not saying THEY don't think the current candidates are capable of pulling off a super-soldier. Obviously, if that were the case, they wouldn't be considering them (I hope), lol. I'm just saying that I personally don't...which is why I think they're terrible choices to begin with.

Also, we don't know how much of the movie focuses on pre-serum Steve. For all we know, the whole 1st act of the movie could be that (for the record, I hope not, but we don't know). Whatever the case, Johnson made it clear that he does care about that part being convincing, and that IS factoring into his casting decision.


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