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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
Yeah, I know. They may think all of these choices could pull off Cap both pre- and post- serum. I think they are mistaken, because some of these guys would be totally unbelievable as Cap (Bethel, Phillipe).
We're totally agreed there. The ONLY two people on this list who I personally could see possibly pulling off both those aspects of Cap are Evans and Vogel (the latter being questionable), which is why they both got my vote in the poll. But the only person there I truly want to see in the part is Evans - Vogel's just the only one who I think I could give the benefit of the doubt to if he won the part. I've been watching Phillippe in movies for over half my lifetime now (I'm 24), and I've never, EVER seen him do anything that makes me think he could be a convincing post-serum Cap. Tatum's just godawful, and Bethel's darn creepy.


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