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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Considering how quickly new guys are added to the mix and guys that make sense are removed from the competition, having the poll is sort of irrelevant.

Anyhow of the seven guys that were mentioned in the running yesterday (yes this poll is missing two of them), based on acting skills I'd give the edge to Sebastian Stan based on his great performance in Kings. Would he be accepted as Cap by the fans not being American born and not being much of a physical specimen? That's up in the air. It does say a lot for him being the only non-American born actor of the guys tested though so somebody involved in the casting agrees with me on his acting abilities.

As I said in the other thread, I suspect Evans has the fan edge right now. That edge is entirely a result of the rather thin crop of talent and/or most people not knowing anything about the other actors...well except for the almost universal loathing of Tatum. Evans is very good at playing himself, but that is not the personality that Cap should be portrayed as IMO. I suspect if they were to throw other Marvel recycled actors like James Franco or Matt Long into the mix, the Evans support would dry up pretty fast.

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