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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Franklin Richards View Post
Dude. I don't care.

Keanu is Ted "Theodore" Logan
Shatner is Kirk
Hamil is Luke
Reeve is Superman

and for me

Chris Evans is the Human Torch.

And I don't acknowledge Deadpool. I don't read Archie either.

I dont happen to agree with that.

Evans is synonomous with the Torch in the way that Hammil is with Skywalker? Shatner is with Kirk?

C'mon, seriously?

For me there's a world of difference; Evan's was a character featured in a largely forgettable franchise; hardly deserving of being grouped with such illustrious, iconic company.

Don't be ashamed of the source material when making your adaption. EMBRACE it.
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