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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
Besides, I hope Marvel will go the WB route and listen to the fans. Like with the casting of Batman in 2003. They swayed on Bale because of the fan support when it was down to Bale and Gyllenhaal.

The thing is I dont think Marvel can listen to the fans because so many people want so many different things for Cap. This is true with all casting choices, except with this casting there is a lot wider spectrum for what people want

If they listen to fans they would need some kind of way to mix: Brad Pitt 10 Years Ago, matt Damon 10 years ago, some ugly guy (so Cap is a "pretty boy"), John Cena's muscles, the 616 Cap comics, a little bit of the Ultimate comics, and natural charisma

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