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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

from what we know the other day or so an EW article stated hedlund is likely out of the running. Though he could always be an option. Since from most reports he was a strong favorite for marvel. He was one of the names from the other week i was rooting for along evans, and vogel.

As for evans being johnny storm, yes he was good in those movies and it was liked. But as others have said they havent become as iconic like spider-man or the reeve superman films. And being its getting the reboot treatment. I see no reason why evans cant have a shot at playing another iconic character. There is many actors who have played many different iconic roles from books to historical figures.

So it shouldnt matter if evans was cap. Sure i would love if its someone who wasnt in a hero movie already. With the current names Evans is my top choice, with vogel as a secondary choice. Hopefully phillippe will be knocked out due to his age, and tatum i hope doesnt make it past the execs.

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