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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
Sorry I misworded. I didn't mean he got the part directly because of the fans. It was down to Gyllenhaal and Bale. Nolan wanted Bale and Goyer wanted Jake. Jake must have put up one great audition to be the runner up. But the final choice came down because of the fan support for Bale. It wasn't because WB scowered the internet to see the fasns choices and cast them based on that. Sorry if I wasn't clear. But you are right.

Apart of me is glad they're taking there time with it, but another part is frustrated and just wants it cast already. They are casting for two franchises after all. Maybe it's not as simple as we think.
oh okay. I wasnt around for the BB casting but that sounds like it was interesting

I'm kind of glad there taking there time too except if it starts filming in June. That gives said actor so little time for training, workouts, etc.

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