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Default Re: The NEW Captain America Casting Thread

Originally Posted by WillardNation View Post
Deadpool is actually being written as we speak. The guys who wrote Zombieland are writing it. And Reynolds has said that he has frequent meetings with the producers and writers. It IS being made soon.
I know, I just tend to lump it into the "Flash/Iron Fist/Venom/Magneto" camp, projects with scripts and rumored directors that for whatever reason I don't think will/should be made...Just sayin...I just wouldn't be surprised to see a "Reynolds Exits Deadpool" post one day on the front page.

Back to Cap, as others have said, I'm all for Evans, Hedlund, or Vogel (in that order). But I also thought Krasinksi would have been good. I thought of him way back when for Cap but never thought anyone else would (with the 'goofiness' and the fact that he isn't an 'unknown').

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