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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

I picture this series taking place inbetween his parents death, and him taking up the mantle.

You could still have a lot of iconic figures..Harvey Dent included, however, I would not want to see any of the main villains really, however adaptation of other characters could be permitted. Picture Brucey in school, studying the sciences, who is his teacher..none other than VICTOR FRIES!!

Now, a lot of people would obviously be against it cause on paper it seems almost cheesy. However, a lot of people were against TDK's joker.

And well, that joker pwned.

It just needs a different spin on things, but still in the realm of reality. Small Symbols every now and again, and hopefully a series that wouldn't drag on like smallville did.
Final scene would be him putting on the cape and mask.

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