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Default Re: Would you watch an X-sequel if Wolverine wasn't in it?

well i made my self very clear many times before. yes yes I would watch tons of X Men movies with out him and tones dozens more. he has his own franchise now keep h spot light hogging there. any ways seeing that singer head where I expected. It's st time to let him and fox finish his /their obsession of wolverine there as well and start of with that movie so he can finally move on and concentrate on other characters after his done. let him get wolverine out of his their system.

That or let some else take over I don't care how long I have to wait ether. I still rather some else then to see him force 6 claws on s again. cause they don't under the word secondary when it comes to that character.

Cause it's hard for fox to get real screen writers. that's the real problem.

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