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Default Over 700 Flickchart Users Rank Wolverine Top 20 All-Time

I have a Flickchart account and have ranked over 1000 movies that I've personally seen. It's a great site that allows you to compare films. It keeps track of what's been rated. It compiles your own personal top flicks list. The stats are amazing and the site itself is very addictive. In any case...

Users Who Have Wolverine In Their Top 20: 701

Out of the history of film from silent era to today, there are 701 people who rank Wolverine in their top 20 all-time. That says a lot. I'm not one the uptight fanboys who like to hate on this film. I think Wolverine is a quality movie and it appears to be loved by movie fans in general even if some fanboys like to hate on it. Like I said, I enjoyed the film but even I don't have it that high on my list. Iron Man, Spider-Man 2 and X2 snuck in to my top 20 but not Wolverine.

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