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Default Re: Luke Cage & Iron Fist - HEROES FOR HIRE movie thread

I'm a big fan of Common, the rapper. But Common the actor, not so much. He'd be a poor fit for Cage, imho. Com just doesn't have that streetwise tough guy LC needs, imho. He tried, in Street Kings and Smoking Aces, but he just wasn't believable to me. I could see Common in a supporting role, perhaps as one of Cage's street informants, but not in the titular role.

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
Michael Jai White has a good build that could work, but he wouldn't be my first choice. Luke always struck me as a guy with big stature, and I don't think White has a big natural build. That's just a minor nitpick though, so I wouldn't be opposed to him playing Cage.
^ I completely agree with that statement.

Charlie Hunnam is the best choice for Iron Fist I've heard.

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