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Default Re: Avi Arad vs. Tom Rothman - Who's Worse

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
I'm willing to bet that's incredibly true. I think he's your typical corporate whore who just focuses on marketing and whatnot to get rich and move up in the ranks.

I still think one of his biggest F you's to the fan base is when he lied his ass off about how the fans will be pleased with Galactus in the FF:RotSS. I'm not even a huge FF fan or much of a Galactus fan(although he is a badass)and even I was bitter.
What did he say word for word or whatever? I never came across any bullcrap he spewed,and what was the real reason why Galactus wasn't in the movie? If memory serves me correct there was another reason for him not being done justice in the movie,I know the other one that was he was being saved for a Silver Surfer movie.

And I also second the notion that something something Donner should be added to the poll.

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