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Default Re: Avi Arad vs. Tom Rothman - Who's Worse

Originally Posted by deathshead2 View Post
Avi has done far more good than bad. He was one of the people that saved Marvel in the 90s, made Toybiz what it was, helped make the deals for all the Marvel movies, shows, other products. Sure as a producer he has pushed for certain things(Like Venom) but he was doing his job and what he thought was best at the time.

Rothman while making hits for FOX like Alvin and the Chipmucks mostly made terrible decisions.
He derserves credit in some movies along with FOX.

DD, Elecktra, FF, FF2 come to mind. Along with Punisher 1, Man-Thing, Blade 3 and GR are all under his influence. And don't forget his ingenuse idea BRATZ. His crime? Putting his own spin on each trying to justify realizim. Therefore his crime was/is not trusting the cannon.

BB, TDK, IM and IH have proven him wrong!

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