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Default Re: Avi Arad vs. Tom Rothman - Who's Worse

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
Arad does not get a pass. I understand he was instrumental in the 90's in terms of getting the brand out there, but enough with the exposure. He basically puts his name on everything and whores it out like he's entitled because of his past work. If you want to keep his name attached then fine, but ENOUGH with the creative control. Why Sony hasn't booted him off of the Spidey reboot is beyond me, and that's probably the reason why I will give up on the reboot, as much faith as I have in Webb and Vanderbilt's script. The clowns like Ziskin and Arad are still attached and it starts and ends there.

As for Rothman, don't even compare. He could be assassinated tomorrow and I don't think fanboys would give two ****s. We'd share our sentiments and condolences to his family, but the Hype would probably have a non-stop party a week later, lasting at least until Fox/Marvel ****s up the next property. Of course we'd all prefer he just get the axe and be demoted a the lowest possible position based on his former credentials. Hopefully out of the industry all together.
Dead on brother, but don't forget Avi was sleeping with Rothman on most of those movies!

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