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Default Re: Avi Arad vs. Tom Rothman - Who's Worse

Now some reports last week mentioned Louis for Marvel’s THE AVENGERS but if you read exactamente you would see that it was LOUIS who was pimping himself. See, there’s no one really in charge of Marvel at the moment as they merge with Disney. Everyone knows that Kevin Feige walks funny because he has Avi Arad’s hand up his ass puppeting him and that Avi has been lobbying Disney to give him back control of Marvel- which they don’t want, being sane and all. So no one is making future decisions for the time being. So don’t count on La Francais directore para Los Avengers!

Our favorite scooper site LR is at it again... any truth to this? I am sure there is, but still. Didn't know Arad still had that kind of pull in terms of making himself a candidate once again. I fear if Feige slips up, Arad's c*** might get thrusted back into the mix as dominate male of everything Marvel... outside of Rothman...

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