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Default Re: Would you watch an X-sequel if Wolverine wasn't in it?

I was actually thinking, Wolverine's character maybe the very thing we need to progress x-men 4 to x-men 6...

To me the first trilogy was more of a validation for the character of wolverine. He didnt know who he was, what his purpose was. But he found a home with the x-men and after all that happened at the end of the third movie, he realises that is where he needs to be.

Id say, X-Men 4 will have Wolverine drive the x-men forward because you need a strong character like that.

Iceman, Rogue, Colossus, Shadowcat and Angel all didnt have there chance to shine but at the same time they couldnt hold the film alone...

But think of it this way, what if we re-molded the way we saw the x-men, collaborate with the characters and bring some back and forth...

Id say, lets of Wolverine & The X-Men - no pun towards the animated series but yeah, think of it as a renovation.

Wolverine - now leads the x-men, we take the focus away from the school and we have this new team of x-men

Wolverine - leader
Iceman - second in command
Rogue - repowered & team representative
Colossus - the muscle
Shadowcat - the specialist (Recon, tech)
Angel - As Support

Beast could potentially return not as an x-man but as a guide. someone who is watching over the new team as written requested by xavier as part of his will.

the more i think of it the more i could see it work.

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