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Default Re: Should characters in "Captain America" smoke?

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
Hi all, time for a serious discussion.

So we all know how bad it is to advertise smoking to movie going audiences. It's dangerous for people's health and encourages addiction.
Do we all know that? I'm not sure I agree with your presupposition. Smoking is certainly bad for your health. Nicotine entails a reasonably strong physical addiction and smoking usually/often elicits a psychological addiction in people. Where we divert however is whether that is enough to conclude that 'advertising' or even 'showing' smoking to audience is 'bad'. There are many things in life that have negative consequences or inherent risks. It is my personal opinion that the obvious negative consequences of smoking do not make it inherently bad to show or even to do. That is something that people must weigh up for themselves. Obviously, with Government funding of health care there is something of an externality to it. As a libertarian I am not in favour of such things and think it is dangerous to personal liberty to go down that rabbit hole.

For example, I smoke the occasional cigar and pipe. I understand and accept the risks, as I believe the benefits outweigh them. That is a personal decision. I can't make that decision for anyone else as I do not know their goals and priorities. So on that basis, I don't really support the idea of hiding something from them, I'd let them see it and make up their own minds. Personally, I'd let cigarette companies advertise again. I probably wouldn't go around actively encourage people to take up smoking though, particularly cigarettes which are far too pedestrian to be cool.

That said, I've always thought the "Captain America" film should be a period piece that shows how things have changed. When I saw "Mad Men" I thought, thats what I want for a "Captain America" film.

I also think it adds to the authenticity of the era such as in films like "Munich" and "Saving Private Ryan."
We do agree on this. Putting aside the above concept, I think taking smoking out of period pieces or settings where smoking would be frequent (take your example Mad Men) is absurdity and a fraud.

Although I don't think either Captain America or Bucky should be seen smoking
I don't know, the link between smoking and related diseases was starting to be researched and publicised around the time of WW2 but the vast majority of people smoked. I imagine soldiers would have as well. I probably don't care either way, I just wouldn't want it to be made a big deal of in the film.

The Headline 'Evil Captain America encouraging kids to smoke' is probably something the movie could do without.

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